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I Got A Pony When I Turned 10


Tuesday, November 26, 2002

You know, I'd really like to date Matt Damon, and I think we'd make a super fun couple, save that our kids would be 2 feet tall with enormous dimples. But if there's one thing really standing in the way of our ever-lasting love, it's his big best dumb friend, Ben Affleck. I just don't think I could be a supportive of that relationship, and since Matt has known Ben for so long, I know where his loyalties would eventually lie. I'd never want to be their Yoko.

So anyway, Heather sent the above-linked link, and I think it would really speak to the 3 people who read this blog, even if 2 of them already got the link in an email. To the third, you're welcome.

At 9:47 last night I was waiting for the N-Judah to carry me home to a grilled cheese sandwich and a brand new issue of Real Simple, when a young male, 5'10", 170 lbs, approached me from behind and told me that I have "a nice ass that very few white women have." So it's hard not to smile, even when you know you're s'possed to be offended, when you get a compliment on your ass -- especially when you're ususally mad at your ass for not fitting into your jeans. So I tell the guy thanks, try to return my book, and start thinking about my new J.Lo ass. Then, just as I start to realize that he probably meant Missy Elliott's ass, he solved my dilemma by pulling out a 40 from behind his back and declaring, "I'm an alocholic tonight." And, in the same way I often feel about my ass, the only thing I could think to say was, "Sometimes that's a problem."

Thursday, November 14, 2002

A short list displaying a mere week of learning:

1. Just because you have a crush in Eminem, doesn't mean you can't also have a crush on Neko Case.

2. Put a hairlip and psychotic tendencies on cutie Ralph Fiennes, and he's still a tan, romantic Hungarian in the desert to me.

3. Scoots are the only appropriate footwear for any concert, anywhere, anytime.

4. Blisters, especially since they last longer, are every bit as much fun to pop as zits. They are, however, eleven times more painful.

5. The gods were good to us when they made Dr. Scholls.

6. Public transportation deserves more credit than it gets.

7. Michelle Pfieffer and Kim Basinger need to take lessons in prison- and whitetrash-hair, respectively.

Friday, November 08, 2002

When one plug is pulled, another plug opens.


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